The perfect pairing of oysters and wine is the inspiration for Shell-Shocked - an oyster and wine celebration in SALT's Lounge. East Coast oysters, fresh from the ideal conditions of Spinney Creek Shellfish's icy Maine waters are offered multiple ways. Shucked raw on the half shell, grilled, roasted, "Rockefeller'd," fried, "Casino'd," and more along with grilled handmade sausages, all washed down with Sommelier-selected glasses of wines to match the evening's offerings. Everything is served a la carte; you choose what you want and how much to customize your own oyster and wine "feast".

Oysters do have a fuller, richer flavor in winter months. Add wines like crisp Italian varietals, Sauvignon Blancs, sparkling wines, even Pinot Noir and others to enhance the minerality, sweetness and brininess of this delicacy. Mix and match with flights, half glasses, full glasses or bottles. No reservations or tickets. Just show up hungry and thirsty. 

Shell-Shocked Dates:

No reservations or tickets required - just show up hungry and thirsty!